Hi, I am Shamit Sharma

I am just a guy trying to share my thoughts on the computer like the fresh air.

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All Heel ROUSEY !

Oh, don’t you love it . It ‘s Wrestlemania season and Rousey ‘ s finally become a proper heal. She turned after taking back her title and then ambushing The Man. But even if we get the triple threat match[ which is unlikely], we will have 3 women which are playing roles they don’t excel […]

Predictions for WWE Fastlane

Here are my predictions for the wwe fastlane event to take place on 10 March The Usos vs Shane Mc Mahon and the Miz [Smackdown Tag team championship] Boss and Hug connection vs the Samoan Sister [ WWE Women `s tag team championship] Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley [ Intercontinental championship] The Bar vs Jonny […]

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