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The Chronicles of Narnia

It is considered to be a classic in the fantasy genre and many of the tropes that we are familiar with nowadays were first seen in this seven book series by C.S. Lewis.

I consider TCON as a great introduction to fantasy for children but many of my colleagues here at bookternet disagree with me, so I decided to make a list of reasons why and why not you should read this low fantasy series.

Why not: Pacing

One of my biggest complaints about this series is the fact that the pacing is a glaring weakness. The climax of the story often fails to capitalize on the tension built on during the previous scenes.

Why: Accessible writing style

One of the reasons why many fans turn off while reading classic fantasy is the dialogues and the writing style is too stiff. This is also a reason why so many fans loved A Song of Ice and Fire. C.S. Lewis does not fall into the same problem that fans face while reading Tolkien.

Why not: Tropes we’re tired of seeing

This point is not a point of criticism for the author but rather this is due to no fault of his own. Alongside Tolkien and Ursula K. Guin, Lewis established tropes that are still used in fantasy. But if someone has already read countless stories with these tropes; they may not want to read them again. Some common tropes in this series are: Chosen one[s], epic Good v Evil, a person from our world discovers a new fantasy world and talking animals

Why: Rich world

One of the tropes that I talked about in the last why not were talking animals. Although this is a trope that existed way before Lewis, it is his world which is very extensive and consisting of various races that makes you wish you too were a part of the world.

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