Why I Quit The Big Bang Theory

Just after I finished watching Friends, I was recommended by a lot of people to watch The Big Bang Theory. I quit after watching 3 seasons. I could not in good conscience wasted more of my time watching that show


The Big Bang Theory falls short with its humor. Most of the jokes are really bad. The laugh track doesn’t help matters either. Most of the jokes are not jokes at all. They are just the audience laughing at Sheldon murmuring scientific facts or the rest of the friends{I’m not even sure if it’s right to call them friends} calling each other out for being single. Jokes like these are examples of lazy writing.


I did not empathize with or even like the characters of The Big Bang Theory. One of the things I love about sitcoms is that because they are often so long, this means that the writers can take their time to develop the characters. The characters in this show however are disappointing. They fall flat. The men of the group seem to be involved in a competition of sorts on who is the most studliest.


Seriously, what the hell are the storylines. They don’t have an overarching story. The only thing in common in the episodes are the characters and their relationships. The structure is very episodic and the characters are not interesting enough for me to care about them. And most episodes are just flat out boring. The only reason I watched three seasons was because I thought that it had to get interesting sometime,right? Oh my sweet innocent child, you don’t know how wrong you were.

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