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This is a new thing I’m doing. I’m going to talk about what I’m reading, watching and what content is coming on the blog. I’ll also talk about how I’m coming along during quarantine.

I’m currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo and a collection of short series by Rabindranath Tagore. I am loving The Count of Monte Cristo. The main character is great and we can already see the decline in him as a person. He feels betrayed and will go to any lengths to get revenge at the people who forced him to go crazy.

I’m not sure about the collection of short stories though. I rarely read short stories about how I feel about it. There are some stories that are outright brilliant and some that I’m not so sure about.

As far as television goes, I quit The Big Bang Theory after 3 seasons. I will cover more about this in a future post.

I finished Dragon Prince. I thought that it is great and I recommend it for anyone who likes western animation and/or wants more Avatar: The Last Airbender like story.

I watched The Two Towers alongside my mother and she really liked it.

As for new content on the blog, there is a lot coming up. Just give me some time. I’m working on a lot of big projects write now. Quarantine has really affected my mental health and this has caused me to spend less time on these projects and more time procrastinating .

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