RAW after Stomping Grounds preview

Stomping Grounds was a ppv that punched above its weight. It showcased tag team wrestling positively and the Cruiserweight title match was amazing. WWE should continue this momentum with a solid episode of raw.

1 Face\ Heel turns

On this week’s raw don’t be surprised to see a lot of character changes Alexa Bliss turning on Nikki Cross is a sure thing and we might see the Shane McMahon stable being broken up with Mcintyre becoming the top heel\face in WWE. The Club is also supposed to turn today.

2 The Fiend makes an appearance

Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend is one of the hottest properties in WWE now . He made a return with the Firefly Fun House. Many believe that the latest episode was probarbaly the last one and the chances of him making an aapearance is extremely likely but WWE shouldn’t involve him in 50\50 fueds

3 AJ Styles’s first match since injury

WWE ‘s twitter account recently confirmed that US Champion Ricochet will face off against Styles in a non- title match. This match should most likely end with a DQ with AJ joining the CLUB and turning heel. into what could be an interesting fued for Summerslam.

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